Why You Should Make A Triathlon Your Challenge For 2019

Make 2019 Your Year

Triathlons are rapidly growing in popularity in the UK with more people than ever wanting to take on the supreme test of swim, bike, run.

But why are so many people opting to take on this challenge? If you’re on the fence about doing a triathlon, here are some good reasons why you should make a triathlon your challenge for 2019.

Better Physical Health

It goes without saying that by training for a triathlon you will enhance your overall physical health. The varied nature of a triathlon – swimming, cycling, running – will give you a strong, all-around fitness because you are working all the muscle groups in your body. Swimming helps to strengthen your upper body while cycling and running help you build your lower body strength. You will develop lean muscles, build strength and tone your entire body.

Better Mental Health

You may have heard that General Practitioners are now prescribing Park Runs to help improve both physical and mental well-being instead of medication. Physical activity has been shown by a number of scientific studies to have a positive impact on our mood. Training for a triathlon will require regular exercise which will enhance your mental health in the long term.

It Gives You A Goal

Top-level athletes, successful businesspeople and achievers in all fields will always set themselves new challenges. By having a goal, you have a focus. A destination, if you like.

Setting a challenge such as a triathlon can be an incredible form of motivation because of the journey it takes to get there. You need to regularly train, develop your fitness and grow before reaching your final destination – race day.

Social Well-being

Although a triathlon on race day is an individual sport, they are a great way to meet new people, bond over the triathlon experience and form long-term relationships. Joining a local running club, cycling club or triathlon club can help you to share training tips and experiences with others. You will also meet lots of like-minded people on race day (a great reason to stick around at Tri-Fest after the races are done!).

Have We Persuaded You?

Head over to our race information page to find out more about the triathlon races on offer at Jaguar Tri-Fest in July 2019. There’s something to suit all ages and abilities and you can even take part in a race as a team – One swims, one bikes and one runs.