Tackling The Tricky Transitions For A Triathlon

Triathlon Transition

The fourth (and often forgotten) discipline of a triathlon is the transition between each stage – swim, bike and run. Your transitions can make or break your overall result and on race day they become even harder. Add in hundreds of other competitors, their bikes and extra kit, the potential for mistakes increases. That’s why we strongly recommend practising beforehand and following a systematic approach to ensure you smash that P.B. time!

The Swim Transition

As you exit the water, try to unzip the back of your wetsuit with one hand. Next, remove your goggles but also keep hold of them in one hand. As you pull your arm down the sleeve of your wetsuit, let go of the goggles before pulling your arm fully out. This way, your goggles will be kept safely inside the wetsuit, away from damage and they won’t be lost. Once removed, place your wetsuit underneath your racking area to make sure no one trips over it.

The Bike Transition


Place your helmet with the strap already undone on your tribar, ensuring it is the right way around, so you can quickly flip it straight onto your head before un-racking.


Make sure the bike is in a low gear as this will help you to spin the pedals as soon as you jump on. You should also rack your bike by the saddle to help you swiftly move out of the transition area without having to swivel the bike around 180 degrees.

If you can, the fastest option is to mount your bike with your shoes already clipped in and with the straps left open. Do not attempt this on race day for the first time! Make sure you have a few practice runs – it can be a tricky skill to master!

The Run Transition

Place your running shoes to the side of your bike rack and make sure they are tucked away so they do not become a hazard to other athletes! Elastic laces can save time in your transition by allowing you to slip your trainers on with ease.

You can even save an extra few seconds by glueing the insole of your shoe in place to prevent it bunching up when pushing your damp foot inside.

Don’t Forget the Rules…

Lastly, but most importantly, don’t forget to check your race pack for the basic transition rules to avoid receiving unnecessary penalties.

Happy triathlon training and good luck!